About Us

Max Highway Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Max Myanmar Group Of Companies and starts its operation in 2008 in Myanmar. Our company conduct road and bridges maintenance and upgrading operations across Myanmar and collects tool gates fees from roads, bridges, and City Entrance Fees under B.O.T system and tender system from Ministry of Construction, Yangon City Development Committee, and Ministry of Border Affairs.

Today, Max Highway Co., Ltd is managed by 7 senior management personal overseeing 801 staffs employed.


Our Vision

  • To build, maintain and operate the standard quality roads that required for the nation’s development.

Our Mission

  • To utilized our resources in most efficient and effective way to provide services that develop the safe and convenient transport routes

Our Objectives

  • To conduct construction, up gradation and maintenance of roads and bridges and collecting toll gates fees with the guidelines from the respective government and administrative bodies.
  • To create job opportunity for the local residences
  • To support the nation socio-economic development through the means of proper management of road communication.

Our Organization Chart