Our Operations

Today, Max Highway Co., Ltd is conducting road and bridge maintenance operations, and roads upgrading operations, in compliance with the standards of the Ministry of Construction on roads portions in 3 divisions (Yangon, Bago, Magway) under the B.O.T and Tender systems.

Max Highway Co., Ltd started the maintenance and toll collection from Htaukkyant – Bago (32/6) mile portion from Yangon-Mandalay Union Highway on 1st April 2008.

Today, our company under the BOT and |Tender license collects toll fees from total of (452/4) Mile distance as in detail below.

B.O.T System Miles Total Miles
Yangon Region (149/7) (296/7)
Bago Region (38/1)
Magway Region (108/7)
Tender System Miles Total Miles
Bago Region (108/0) (155/5)
Magway Region (47/5)

The fees were collected from the vehicles that used the routes at the standard rates on daily basics.

Regional Operations

Max Highway Co., Ltd is conducting maintenance and upgrading operation in following road portions and toll gates collections as in following details.

Max Highway Co., Ltd - Yangon – Bago

Yangon – Bago

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Max Highway Co., Ltd - Yangon – Pyay

Yangon – Pyay

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Max Highway Co., Ltd - Pyay – Magway

Pyay – Magway

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