Base camps opened in four townships of Ayeyarwady to undertake flood relief and rescue operations

Flood Relief To effectively address the continuing difficulties faced by the victims of recent floods, Ayeyarwady Foundation has opened base camps in the four townships of the Ayeyarwady Division (at Zalun, Ingapu, Thar Boung and Yay Kyi) and is currently engaged in rescue and rehabilitation operations.

On the morning of August 11th, U Zaw Zaw and team visited these aforementioned camps and met with officials, local leaders and various NGOs to discuss the oversight and more effective use of these operation camps in the relief efforts.   It was also decided that to accurately assess the emergency needs and damages incurred by the hardest hit villages, team members should separate into smaller groups to gather first hand information themselves and to direct their relief efforts based on those findings.

Flood ReliefAccordingly, the Ayeyarwady Foundation has set up storage areas in the four townships to try and fully address the emergency needs of the victims on such essential items such as rice, edible oil and drinking water. In addition, to systematically deal with the long-term issue of rebuilding these communities, the Foundation members have had discussions with the local organizations on the proper administration of the relief camps, preventative healthcare, reopening of schools and clinics, agricultural assistance, animal feed assistance, and the collection of accurate data.

On August the 11th, U Zaw Zaw visited Zalun and Ingapu and in the evening, continued on to Nga Thine Chaung and Yay Kyi to administer relief to the victims himself.  During this journey, at Kwin Thone Sint village in Yay Kyi township, the remaining family members of 3 school-age girls who lost their lives in a boat accident were consoled and given encouragement and were donated 30 lahks after coordinating with the village head-monk, U Pyin Nyein Da.  Similarly, the father of 2 of the deceased girls, who is currently in custody under Section 304 (A), was helped in getting bail with the assistance of local leaders.